Environmental Responsibilities


Protecting Our Environment

It is the goal of Fast Trac to ensure high standards in terms of protection of the environment. Fast Trac expects excellence from all employees and sub-contractors in meeting these objectives.

Fast Trac Environmental Safety Work Practices provide the employees and it’s subcontractors with the requirements, guidance and tools to protect the environment during all stages of earthwork, construction, property development and snow removal. This includes all operations and maintenance.

All procedures and practices are developed through extensive consultation with municipal and provincial agencies, government regulatory bodies and Fast Trac principals. All policies will be updated over time as regulatory requirements and company processes and procedures change.

To cut down our carbon footprint Fast Trac participates in the recycling of construction and office waste. Recycled materials are used wherever possible along with energy efficient products.

Key Activities Include:

  • Ongoing monitoring of work areas for dangerous services, proper cleanup, hazardous materials and spills, reporting this to Worksafe BC or BC Environment.
  • Site cleanup of materials, debris, rubble and garbage prior to excavation and backfill.
  • Sediment and erosion control. On site awareness and action plans for overhead lines, all buried utilities, water/storm intakes, catch basins, drainage culverts.
  • Roadway/sidewalk cleanup, once the job has been completed.
  • Timely control, cleanup and disposal of previously buried utilities, contaminated fills, asbestos, oil tanks and drywall.
  • Training for all employees and sub-contractors.
  • All vehicles equipped with up to date MSDS for controlled products.
  • Reduction of paper use by 50 -60% through implementing technical solutions.