Safety Is Key

“Safety is Key” is a play on Fast Trac’s identity and the transparency of the corporate philosophy. Each day we encourage those who work for Fast Trac to find new ways to perform their duties safely. By being proactive to hidden dangers on the job site we train ourselves to look for them at any time. After all, safety is not just a work site concern.

Industry Leaders

Since obtaining the Certificate of Recognition in 1998 Fast Trac continually looks for new innovations to complete our work that much safer. Through involvement in several British Columbia construction governance committees we bring our ideas to those who can make a difference, in and outside of the construction industry.

Sound safety policies at Fast Trac attract those who want the safest job sites. By hiring for character we are also able to bring out the best in each worker. Training for the position then gives us a willing employee who exemplifies the Fast Trac Core Values.

Our Commitment to Safety

Fast Trac expects excellence from all employees and trade partners in meeting these objectives and in accordance with these goals the policy is:

  • To conduct our activities in a manner consistent with appropriate safety, health and environment considerations.
  • To establish and maintain corporate controls, including periodic reviews, to assure the Company’s policies are being properly implemented and maintained.
  • To comply with applicable environmental quality, occupational health and safety laws and regulations.
  • To design and operate work sites in a manner which protects the health and safety of employees, sub-contractors, the public and the environment.
  • To safeguard the health of our employees through sound safety practices and a comprehensive Employee Assistance Plan.