Excavation FAQs


What is your hourly rate?

The hourly rate depends on the size and type of equipment required. Bobcats are less expensive than full-size excavators. Call us to determine what machine will best suit your needs. We are able to save you time and money by supplying the right piece of equipment for your job.


What type of equipment do you have?

We own and operate one of the widest selection of excavation equipment available in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. See our full excavation equipment list.


What type of attachments do you have?

We have everything from breakers, compactors, augers, forks, mowers, sweepers, rippers and rakes.  Whatever you need, we have.  Call us with your specific request.


Do you offer free estimates?

Yes.  Call us today and you’ll be ahead of the rest.


What can you excavate or demolish?

Just about anything, see our list of excavation services. Our speciality is any difficult, remote, steep, dangerous or unusual project.  With over 25 years in business, we have the expertise to get your job done.


Does Fast Trac have a pipe crew?

Yes, we have a fully trained and qualified crew to handle any service installation.


Do you haul and deliver aggregates?

Yes, a wide range in all amounts and sizes.


What size of projects do you work on?

Big or small, we do them all.  From residential jobs to multi-million dollar projects.


How quick can we have a machine?

The more notice, the better.  However, we try our best to accommodate all requests..